A number of half-day Kigali city tours are available, as are full day, two day/one night, and longer excursions into Rwanda’s spectacular national parks.

A number of community-based tourism experiences also offer travelers the opportunity to experience cultural life in local areas.

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We are aiming to offer the best postGA options to fully explore the county of thousand hills at the lowest and affordable cost.

Which allows participants to access both pre- and post-GA tours and explore Rwanda’s natural and cultural attractions.


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With MM2020 RWANDA, Get to Akagera National Park which lies in eastern Rwanda, hugging the border with Tanzania. It's characterized by woodland, swamps, low mountains and savannah. The varied terrain shelters wildlife including zebras, giraffes, elephants, lions and hundreds of bird species, such as the rare shoebill stork. In the southern part of the park, vast Lake Ihema is home to hippos and crocodiles.


Volcanoes national park is a stop center for all Rwanda gorilla safaris sheltering the highest number of mountain gorillas in the Virunga Conservation area. Just a 2 hours drive from Kigali making it the most accessible gorilla national park in the world. Besides gorillas, Volcanoes National park is a home for golden monkeys, a variety of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects among other creatures which together make a complete Rwandan package.


Nyungwe forest is probably the most preserved forest in Africa. Some say it is the most important site for biodiversity. It is home to over 1000 species of creation after all.

You will see the monkeys move around in the tree tops, the birds that are flying above you and below you and a beautiful view of the huge Nyungwe forest. It’s also an amazing sight. This canopy walk is also 90m long which is not a long distance, however, it’s when you are 50 m above the ground.


Rwanda's western side is bounded by Lake Kivu, one of a string of huge freshwater lakes which lie along Africa's Great Rift Valley. Dominating the border between Rwanda and the DRC; Lake Kivu is Rwanda’s largest lake, and the sixth largest lake in Africa.

The real joy of this area is driving between the towns, and it’s a lovely option for a slower route between Nyungwe Forest National Park and Volcanoes National Park. Where every corner produces another gorgeous view


Since it is an important and educative place which can benefit IFMSA family as well as depict the county long match to the current prosperous image of Rwanda.

Additional to other PreGA and PostGA, we will be able to offer a free PostGA visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center with all expenses covered for every GA interested Participant.